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Josephine's Strength Collection Under 25 Minutes | 11 Videos

Maximize your fitness gains and save time with our intense workouts designed to tear your muscle...

Maximize your fitness gains and save time with our intense workouts designed to tear your muscles down, enabling them to rebuild stronger and larger. Get ready for the satisfying feeling of a wonderfully sore body as you embark on a journey towards a beautifully sculpted figure. These challenging workouts push your limits, allowing you to achieve remarkable results in a shorter time frame. Witness the transformative power as your muscles grow and your physique becomes stronger and more defined.

 Sample Workout

Video List:

1.15 Min Dumbbell Full Body Workout with Cardio Intervals

2. 15 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout

3. 20 Minute HIIT With Weights 

4. 20 Min Workout with Weights | Gain Lean Muscles

5. 21 Min Full Body Workout With Weights

6. 18 Min Dumbbell Full Body Workout 

7. 25 Min HIIT Workout with Weights | Burn 200 Calories

8. 18 Minute Dumbbell Total Body Workout 

9. 25 Min Full Body Workout with Weights 

10. 17 Min Full Body Workout with Weights

11. 20 Minute HIIT with Weights

12. 7- Min Strength Routine With Fat Burning Plyometrics

Customer Reviews

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Tisa Vorce
Not quite what I was expecting

I thought I was getting a DVD, wasn't clear what I was buying. But, figured out how to get the videos on the TV through my phone and got started. I was looking for similar videos to what was on Amazon Prime featuring Josephine. One of the videos on the collection is the same as on Prime. Almost all of the rest are short workouts that include high intensity bursts between dumbbell exercises. Some are very hard workouts, and too focused on one part (shoulders) instead of full body. Not a fan of the high intensity bursts so have to do my own thing during them. Not sure which philosophy Josephine and GymRa believe in - high volume/low intensity as the Prime videos show/say or high volume/high intensity as this video shows. Still, this adds some variety to my workout, has been effective for me to get fitter and the price was right so I'm pretty happy.

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